Hydraulic intensifiers mod. SD

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Hydraulic power unit with intensifiers mod. SD
Description and

Hydraulic intensifiers mod. SD is useful when there is a need to reach a high pressure at a certain time.

It is an oil/water pressure boosters and it can consist of two or three stages. The two-stage version can reach 500 Bar, while the three-stage version can exceed 1000 Bar.

They are connected to a hydraulic control unit equipped with movement valves.

2-stage version

It is a cylinder built in high quality steel with two chambers (stages) and a piston.

The first stage is oil and is the command stage.

Second stage is water and is the high pressure one.

The first stage chamber is larger in diameter than that of the second stage.

The piston has a diameter equal to the bore of the water stage barrel and this is to avoid mounting gaskets

When the piston rises (thanks to the oil stage) it frees the water chamber which is filled with water.

When the piston goes down it pushes the water out of the second stage and therefore out of the multiplier.

Thanks to the pipes, the pressurized water reaches the vessel to be pressurized.

The multiplication of pressure is due to the difference in diameters of the two stages.

In the oil stage the gaskets are commercially available while in the water stage there are gaskets for high pressure

designed and made by GOMG with high quality materials.

The diameters and capacities of the stages of hydraulic intensifiers are sized according to the performance required by the customer.

3-stage version

It has an additional stage with an even smaller bore that allows for higher pressures.

Advantages of pressure boosters:

  • Unlike a pump where the target pressure is reached with many cycles, with the intensifier it can be obtained with a single piston descent cycle
  • High performance. For example, with a 50 L container it reaches pressure on average in 5 seconds
  • Energy saving
  • Less maintenance
  • The system is governed by a single directional valve

Synthesis – Hydraulic intensifiers

  • High quality steel pressure intensifier
  • Oil / water multiplier
  • Two or three stages to reach 500 or over 1000 Bar
  • They are connected to a hydraulic power unit with movement valves
  • Size and capacity optimized for customer needs
  • Water stage with GOMG optimized seal for high pressure.
  • High performance
  • Energy saving
Hydraulic power unit with intensifiers mod. SD
Hydraulic power unit with intensifiers mod. SD
Hydraulic intensifier mod. SD
Hydraulic intensifier mod. SD 02

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