LPG cylinder Marking machine for mod. BG

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LPG cylinder Marking machine
Description and

The LPG cylinder Marking machine mod. BG does the marking on their handle collars.


The marking machine is made with high quality materials and is very robust to last over time and requires little maintenance.


The dimensions of the machine are designed according to the customer’s product range.


The marking machine marks by rolling and thanks to the strength of two hydraulic cylinders the head can engrave even the hardest metals leaving a clear and deep groove, more than that left by any dot marking machine, and the marking will be clearly visible and clear even after the painting.


The marking wheel is made up of interchangeable punches to mark fixed data and of numbering heads to compose variable data such as serial codes, weights and volume from time to time.


Furthermore, the machine is made with a compact structure with incorporated hydraulic power unit.


Loading and unloading are manual, but like all GOMG systems, the LPG cylinder marking machine mod. BG is modular, in fact by combining it with other GOMG devices such as scales and loading and unloading units it is possible to compose a totally automatic marking line.


Obviously, if the load cells of the scale are present, the electronic numerator installed in the marking wheel will automatically mark the precise weighing value and it will not be necessary to manually pass it to the system.


On the marking wheel it is also possible to insert a progressive pneumatic numerator to automatically mark the serial code of the product.


Furthermore, it is possible to combine several GOMG marking lines by serving them with GOMG programmed roller conveyors, pallets and belts in order to have more automatic production lines that work in parallel.


Like all GOMG systems, the marking machine is designed to be loaded onto a container or truck without taking it apart too much to avoid requiring a lot of assembly time.


  • LPG cylinder Marking machine
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Designed according to the customer’s product range
  • Automatic marking of all data, even the variable ones
  • Automatic weight marking possible
  • Automatic serial code marking possible
  • Fast, multi-row marking
  • Deep and clear incision with a single pass
  • No markings covered by paint
  • Compact structure with made-in hydraulic unit
  • Modular with other GOMG devices
  • Designed to be transported without major disassembly
LPG cylinder Marking machine
LPG cylinder Marking machine

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