Metal marking punches for pharmaceutical

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Description and

The metal marking punches for pharmaceutical are small punches for marking cardboard boxes, sachets or plastic or metal tubes for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food and other sectors.


They are high quality hardened steel punches with letters, numbers or special characters and are used to mark production and expiration dates or other information.


They have a low depth so as to mark the cardboard or the plastic of the tubes leaving a clear incision, without cutting the product.


Optionally, they can be made with sharp Face or a flat face for “bold” marking.


The size and depth of the characters depend on the customer’s needs.


The material used, high quality steel, and the type of customized GOMG heat treatment we perform serve to reduce the probability of breakage as much as possible.


Our metal marking punches for pharmaceutical industry have been used successfully for many decades by companies that use them intensively for everyday industrial production.


  • Punches with high quality steel
  • Character height from 1 to 3 mm
  • Low depth for marking cardboard, sachets and tubes
  • Optimized GOMG heat treatment. Hardness 58-61 HRC
  • Letters of the Italian, Cyrillic and other alphabets
  • Numbers with closed or open font
  • Clear incision, without cutting the product.
  • Possible customizations on stems and fonts
  • High precision and quality character definition
  • Clear and permanent engravings on cardboard, plastic and other materials

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