GOMG Italia specializes in the production of metal marking stamps and in the design and construction of industrial marking systems.

The GOMG product line offers the production and sale of different types of punches, holders and numerators. We produce punches for GOMG and non-GOMG marking machine, hand punches

or for linear holders or type holders. We also produce punches for manual or hydraulic presses.

Ours is a specialized catalog that has made us famous all over the world and which features the following punches:

  • Manual punches or for marking machines
  • For guns for manual marking
  • For screw press
  • Punches for hot marking
  • For cold marking
  • Linear or curved punches
  • With letters of the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet
  • With numbers
  • With special characters, symbols and customized logos
  • Punches composed with words
  • Punches composed with words and logos
  • For marking labels
  • For marking cylinders, accumulators or tubes
  • Special nuclear (dot-stress) and continuous wire punches
  • Punches with flat crest for more evident marking
  • Punches for marking cosmetic tubes
  • For the marking of cosmetic and medical boxes
  • Punches for marking wood, plastic and leather
  • Punches for testers
  • Male / female punches for the relief marking of the laminations
  • Fixed character marker rollers

However, customizations on fonts , shapes and sizes are possible.

All our metal marking stamps are made of the highest quality steel and undergo an optimized GOMG heat treatment

GOMG Italia Treviso – Leader in the production and sale of automatic marking systems

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