Automatic electronic numbering head mod. ES

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Automatic electronic numbering head
Description and

Automatic electronic numbering head for marking randomly variable data such as weights and volumes or non-progressive serial numbers.


The wheels are hydraulically operated, while the control of their position is electronic.


It is made up of wheels with ten faces that contain the numbers, but it is possible to make wheels with letters or symbols.


The thickness of the wheels determines the spacing of the numbers in the marking.


In the mod. ES the wheels with numbers and letters are of standard 9.1 mm thickness while those with symbols (Kg, L for example) can be thicker.


On the wheels there can be characters from 1 to 12mm in height, while for symbols it depends on their complexity.


GOMG also produces the EP electronic numbering model with wheels 6.5 mm thick, but which can contain characters up to 6 mm in height.


Each wheel also has a mechanism for the automatic determination of the zero and this allows the management of the composition of the values ​​to be marked and also guarantees to be able to reset the numerator at any time.


The wheels with the numbers are used to compose the values ​​therefore they are automatic while those with the symbols can be automatic or manual.


The number of wheels varies according to the number of digits that make up the values ​​required by the customer’s application and a wheel can have, in addition to the digits, also the comma to mark numbers with decimals.


Each wheel is coded so it is easy to identify the assembly position


The numerator is easy to assemble and requires little maintenance. However, GOMG still offers the maintenance and regeneration service of its numerators.


The numerator is supplied including hydraulic pipes and electric cables with protective sheaths sized according to the needs of the customer’s application.


  • Automatic electronic numbering head for non-progressive values
  • Oleodynamically operated wheels with electronic position control
  • Customizable number of wheels
  • A wheel can have the figure with a comma for decimal marking
  • Wheels built with high quality steel
  • Character height 1-12mm
  • Optimized GOMG heat treatment. Max hardness 58-61 HRC
  • Automatic zero wheel mechanism
  • Wheels with numbers, letters or symbols
  • Wheel thickness with digits 9.1 mm
  • Mod. EP with smaller thickness
  • Wheels with automatically managed digits
  • Wheels with manual or automatic management symbols
  • Wheels coded to facilitate assembly
  • Supplied with hydraulic hoses and electrical cables with protective sheath
Automatic electronic numbering head
Automatic electronic numbering head

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