Curved progressive numbering head for rings

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Curved progressive numbering head
Description and

Curved progressive numbering head for marking rings and pipes.

The peculiarity of this numerator is that it is designed to mark curved surfaces by impact: the wheels are in fact created in such a way as to follow the radius of curvature of the surface for which they were created.

GOMG’s numerator has an increment mechanism without a return spring.

The body of the numerator is made leaving a seat and two fixing holes for the tang with which to mount it on the press.

All materials used are of excellent quality.

The wheels have a thickness of 6mm (which represents the marking distance of the characters), but thicker wheels can also be made.

Numbers of wheels varies according to the specific needs of the customer.

The height of the characters that can be made on the wheels is in the range 1-12mm.

Numerator’s wheels are 10-sided.

The standard sequence 0-9 can be created on the wheels, but personalized sequences can easily be created according to the customer’s needs.

The heat treatment we do on the wheels is the optimized GOMG. Max hardness 58-61 HRC.

Wheels are worked with the best technologies and this allows to have a definition of the characters of high precision and quality.

Our numerators have been successfully used for many decades by companies that use them industrially and intensively for their everyday production.

Key points – Curved progressive numbering head for rings

  • Curved progressive numerator for marking rings and pipes.
  • The wheels follow the radius of the product to be marked
  • Impact marking with press
  • The materials used are of excellent quality
  • Increasing mechanism without return spring
  • Optimized GOMG heat treatment. Maximum hardness 58-61 HRC.
  • Written with alphanumeric and special characters and OCR-B
  • Letters of the Latin, German, Polish, Czech, Portuguese, Cyrillic and other alphabets
  • Numbers  with closed, open and OCR-B font
  • Character definition of high precision and quality
  • The wheels have a thickness of 6mm (or more) and have 10 faces.
  • The number of wheels depends on the customer’s needs.
  • Wheels made of high quality steel with a minimum thickness of 6mm
  • Wheels marked with an identification code which simplifies installation
  • Standard sequence 0-9, or customized


Curved progressive numbering head
Curved progressive numbering head

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