Manual numbering unit with wheels

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Manual numbering unit
Description and

Manual numbering unit with wheels with numbers, letters or special characters for marking variable data in a non-progressive way.


This numbering head is designed to withstand high marking pressures


The update is done manually and a special key is provided to facilitate the operation.


The number of wheels varies depending on the number of digits that make up the values ​​required by the customer’s application.


Wheels group  can be made flat for marking with a press or with the barrel shape if the numerator will be installed on a marking wheel


It is made up of wheels with ten faces which are the standard, but GOMG also makes wheels with 11 faces to have for example a blank face.


It is possible to make wheels with the sequence of digits 0-9, but it is also possible to make wheels with multiple repetitions of only a few digits (for example if you want to make a wheel with only 1 and 2, the sequence could be 1-1- 1-1-1-2-2-2-2-2-2)


The thickness of the wheels determines the center distance of the numbers in the marking.

GOMG produces the models:

PM9 with 9.1 mm thick wheels ∗
PM8 with 8 mm thick wheels *
PM6 with 6 mm thick wheels *

* Wheels with symbols (Kg, Logos for example) can be thicker


On the wheels there can be characters from 1 to 12mm in height, while for symbols it depends on their complexity.


All components are made with high quality materials.


The heat treatment is the one optimized in over forty years of activity by GOMG. The hardness of the wheels is max 58-61 HRC


To facilitate updating and to indicate to the operator the character that is in the marking position, the wheels are made with the characters engraved in the interstices between two marking faces.


Each wheel is coded so it is easy to identify the assembly position


The numerator is easy to assemble and requires little maintenance. However, GOMG still offers the maintenance and regeneration service of its numerators.


The body of the numerator is made with a coupling seat with two threaded holes for installation on GOMG marking wheels or on supports with press shank.


Further solutions for coupling to other marking machines are possible.


Our manual numbering unit with wheels have been used successfully for many decades by companies that use them intensively for everyday industrial production.


Thanks to the shape, size and depth of our characters it is possible to create deep, clear and permanent engravings on metal and other materials.

Key points – Manual numbering unit

  • Manual numerator with wheels for marking non-progressive variable data
  • Designed to withstand high marking pressures
  • Supplied with the appropriate special key for turning the wheels
  • Customizable number of wheels
  • Customizable sequence of figures on the wheels
  • Wheels made with high quality steel
  • Character height 1-12mm
  • Optimized GOMG heat treatment. Max hardness 58-61 HRC
  • Wheels with numbers, letters or symbols
  • Wheel thickness with digits 9.1 mm or 8 and 6 mm (mod. PM8 and PM6)
  • Wheels coded to facilitate assembly
  • It requires little maintenance
  • GOMG maintenance service
Manual numbering unit
Manual numbering unit
5 wheels numbering head

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