Cylinder accumulation conveyor belt

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cylinder accumulation conveyor belt
Description and

The cylinder accumulation conveyor belt is a programmed conveyor belt for high-pressure gas cylinders or pipes.

By programmed we mean that the pieces that travel can be loaded at intervals of constant distance.

It can be of various lengths, it depends on the customer’s application.

The basis of the programmed belt consists of a solid structure in electro-welded profiled iron.

The structure supporting the cylinders rotates over the base frame. This structure is made up of a sequence of tubes placed at a fixed distance and connected to three rows of chains.

Its rotation is made by two shafts on which three crowns are connected and through the crown, shaft, gearbox and motor coupling, the entire structure is allowed to rotate by one step.

On the GOMG cylinder accumulation conveyor belt, being placed between the transverse tubes, the pieces can travel at periodic and uniform distance intervals.

Moreover, collisions and the consequent noise pollution caused by the gravity rolling of inclined planes are avoided.

The tubes are placed at a distance so that the belt is universal, that is, it can carry all types of gas cylinders (or tubes) produced by the customer.

In addition to transport and accumulation, since the cylinders are loaded at a constant distance, this solution is useful as a loading unit in those applications where there are upper carriages with multiple picking pliers.

The heights are designed so that the belt is loaded and automatically unloads the pieces on the next station.

It can be combined with other GOMG handling devices such as roller conveyors, inclined pallets and loading-unloading tilting roller conveyors to compose complete lines of piece handling.


  • Conveyor belt and cylinders accumulation belt
  • Programmed conveyor belt
  • Customizable length
  • Sturdy and high quality electro-welded profiled iron base frame
  • Three rows of well-sized and high quality chains, tubes, pinions and gearmotor
  • Shock-free transport between cylinders
  • Reduction of noisy pollution inside factories
  • It is universal: it can carry all types of cylinders produced by the customer
  • It can be combined with other GOMG handling devices
cylinder accumulation conveyor belt
cylinder accumulation conveyor belt

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