Gas cylinder marking line mod. RB

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Gas cylinder marking line
Description and

The high-pressure gas cylinder marking line mod. RB is a marking line with automatic adjustments designed for the complete line of cylinder retesting but it can also give its benefits to the marking lines of cylinder manufacturers.


With our marking machine mofd. RB the markings are done complete, so fixed and variable data are marked completely from the wheel and in multiple rows. The marking machine dedicated to the cylinder retesting line works semi-automatically and not in a completely automatic way as happens with the markibg machine for producers such as mod. RA.


Since the cylinders are already marked, the machine will manage the various phases of the marking cycle, but it will be up to the operator to find the free spaces on the nose of the cylinder where to add the new marking.


The loading and unloading of the marking station takes place automatically thanks to a superior carriage with two grippers. The two pliers work simultaneously so when one unloads the marked cylinder, the other loads the new cylinder to be marked, saving a lot of time.


The automatic cylinders marking machine is made with high quality materials and is very robust to last over time and requires little maintenance. The dimensions of the machine are designed according to the customer’s product range. Furthermore, the machine is built with a compact structure with incorporated hydraulic power unit.


In this model (RB) of automatic cylinder marking machine, when the cylinder format is changed, the machine automatically makes the adjustments to take it: just enter the diameter and length in advance (automatically using our devices or manually by the operator via the touchscreen panel) and the machine components are arranged in the correct positions. If you want this operation to be done manually then consult the page relating to the manual model.


The marking wheel is made up of interchangeable punches to mark fixed data and of numerators to compose variable data such as serial codes, weights and volume from time to time.


The marking machine marks by rolling and thanks to the strength of two hydraulic cylinders the head can engrave even the hardest metals leaving a clear and deep groove, more than that left by any dot marking machine, and the marking will be clearly visible and clear even after the painting.


GOMG Gas cylinders marking machine is modular, in fact, by combining it with other GOMG devices such as scales and loading and unloading units and the cylinder control station, a totally automatic marking line can be created. In addition, multiple GOMG marking lines can be combined by serving them with GOMG programmed roller conveyors, pallets and belts in order to have multiple automatic production lines working in parallel.


With our complete marking lines it is possible to weigh the cylinders empty and / or full. The two weight data are used by the system to accurately calculate the volume which will always be marked automatically by our numerator present in the marking wheel.


The marking is programmable with our touch-screen system and the programs related to each marking layout and cylinder format are saved in the system and can be easily recalled by the operator.



  • Gas cylinders marking machine made with high quality materials
  • Designed according to the customer’s product range
  • Semi-automatic marking of all data, even the variable ones
  • Fast marking and multi-row marking
  • Deep and clear incision with a single pass
  • No marking covered by painting
  • Automatic loading and unloading of the marking station
  • Automatic adjustments to cylinder format change (Mod. RM for manual adjustments)
  • Compact structure with built-in hydraulic unit
  • Modular with other GOMG devices
Gas cylinder marking line
Gas cylinder marking line 01
Gas cylinder marking line
Gas cylinder marking line 02
Gas cylinder marking line
Gas cylinder marking line 03
Gas cylinder emptying and drying
Gas cylinder emptying and drying

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