Automatic plate marking machine mod. LM

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Automatic plate marking machine
Description and

Automatic plate marking machine mod. LM is installed immediately after the shear for cutting the coils. In the cycle, while the shear cuts, the marking machine marks the piece that is about to be cut.


With our marking machines the sheets are marked completely automatically, therefore fixed and variable data are marked completely automatically.


The marking machine is composed at the bottom of a solid horizontal pallet which receives the piece of sheet metal from the shear and a movable upper carriage which carries the marking head.


The plant has four well-sized GOMG hydraulic cylinders: two for the plate locking mechanism, one for the marking pressure of the head and one for the translation of the head during marking.


In fact, the head, in addition to the sturdy sliding guides, contains the marking wheel.


The marking wheel is made up of interchangeable punches to mark the fixed data and a progressive pneumatic numerator to mark the progressive serial code of the product.

The updating of the progressive numerator takes place automatically.


The automatic plate marking machine mod. LM marks by rolling and thanks to the strength of the hydraulic cylinder the head can engrave even the hardest metals leaving a clear and deep groove, more than that left by any dot marking machine.


Since the marking of the sheet metal coincides with the cutting of the shear, the marking time is regulated so that it is that of the shearing cycle.


The loading and unloading of the marking station is automatic.


The cycle times are however programmable via the touchscreen panel in the control panel.


Like all GOMG systems, the marking machine is designed to be loaded onto a container or truck without taking it apart too much to avoid requiring a lot of assembly time.


  • Automatic plate marking machine made with high quality materials
  • Lower support bench in sturdy profiled iron
  • Well sized and high quality GOMG hydraulic cylinders
  • Automatic marking of all data, even the variable ones
  • Fast marking with a deep and clear engraving in a single pass
  • Automatic loading and unloading of the marking station
  • Compact structure
  • Hydraulic unit included
  • Electric panel included
  • It requires little maintenance
  • Modular with other GOMG devices
  • Designed to be transported without big disassembly
Automatic plate marking machine
Automatic plate marking machine

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