Daisy head marking punches

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Daisy head marking punches
Description and

Daisy head marking punches with special figures, letters and symbols.

Letters of the Latin alphabet, German, Polish, Czech, Portuguese, Cyrillic and others. Customizable font, including OCR-B.

The 0-9 figures are two fonts: one more closed and standard and one more open, useful especially for small characters. The most open font then requires a little less beating force to engrave the material.

Height and depth of the characters may vary according to the customer’s needs, this model supports 2mm heights up to 15mm.

The shape of the punch is suitable for Gomg’s daisy head marking machine, but stamps can be made for other marking machines.

Its length has been studied together with the operators of our customers in over 40 years of activity.

The material used, a steel of excellent quality, and the type of customized Gomg thermal treatment that we perform is used to decrease the chances of breakage as much as possible.

Our Daisy head marking punches are successfully used for many decades by companies that make them an industrial and intensive use for their everyday production.

Thanks to the shape, size and thanks to the depth of our manual punch with numbers it is possible to create signs of the light and permanent characters on metal, wood, skin, plastic and other materials.

Key points – Daisy head marking punches

  • Daisy head marking punches made with excellent quality steel
  • Customizable for shape and size.
  • 2-15mm character height
  • Optimized Gomg thermal treatment. Max 63 HRC hardness
  • Letters of the Latin alphabet, German, Polish, Czech, Portuguese, Cyrillic and others
  • Customizable for shape and size.
  • Numbers with closed, open shape and OCR-B font
  • Stem for GOMG marking machine and others
  • Definition of high precision and quality characters
  • Mark on metal, plastic, leather, wood, rubber and other materials.
  • Indicator to easily determine the orientation of characters.

Punch measures

Daisy head marking punches
Daisy head marking punches

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