Manual Numbering units with marking wheels

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Manual Numbering units
Description and

Manual Numbering units with marking wheels for marking randomly changing variable codes. They can be used manually or mounted on a press.

The number of wheels depends on the customer’s needs. On the wheels it is possible to create both numbers and letters according to the customer’s needs.

Like all GOMG holders it has a comfortable handle with a large typing area

The update of the wheels is manual but it is still easy to do: there are no screws to unscrew or cylinders to remove, just rotate the wheels and dial the desired value.

The sealing mechanisms of the GOMG wheels intervene to keep the wheels in line, so as to dial well-aligned numbers.

It is a compact and lightweight solution, but thanks to the very high quality of the materials used, the GOMG holder is sturdy and durable over time.

Thanks to the material used, high quality steel, and the type of GOMG customized heat treatment that we perform, the wheels are built in such a way as to reduce the probability of breakage as much as possible.

Our wheeled type markers have been used successfully for many decades by companies that make industrial and intensive use of them for their daily production.

Thanks to the shape, size and depth of our hand markers, by simply hitting them with a hammer, it is possible to create clear and permanent character marks on metal, wood, leather, plastic and other materials.


  • Manual Numbering units with marking wheels for marking by hand or with press
  • Highest quality steel
  • Number of customizable wheels
  • Characters: digits 0-9 or letters A-Z or a-z
  • Character height 2-12mm
  • Optimized GOMG wheel heat treatment. Hardness max 63 HRC
  • Easy to handle and upgrade
  • Compact and lightweight
  • With large typing area
  • High precision and quality character definition
  • Mark on metal, plastic, leather, wood, rubber and other materials.
Manual Numbering units
Manual Numbering units

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