Small Automatic numbering head mod. PP

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Small Automatic numbering head
Description and

Progressive Small Automatic numbering head, pneumatically operated, for small  characters.

It can be used for progressive codes such as serial product manufacturing codes.

The numerator can have 3 or more wheels with ten faces each with 1 or 4 mm high characters.

The number of wheels varies depending on the number of digits that make up the values ​​required by the customer’s application.

The thickness of the wheels determines the distance between the numbers in the marking.

In the mod. PP the wheels with numbers and letters are 6mm standard thickness.

The wheels can be both flat and mark horizontally if the numerator is mounted on a press or the wheels can describe a barrel line if the numerator is mounted on a marking wheel for rolling marking.

Further characters can be created on the shoulders to extend the marking and bring the characters close to the progressive code closer.

The progressive numerator with small characters is designed to withstand high marking pressures.

The numerator has the automatic increment function, therefore every time a new marking cycle is started, the starting value must be set manually by simply turning the wheels until the desired value is composed.

It is possible to make wheels with the sequence of digits 0-9, but it is also possible to make wheels with multiple repetitions of only a few digits (for example if you want to make a wheel with only 1 and 2, the sequence could be 1-1- 1-1-1-2-2-2-2-2-2)

Each wheel is coded so it is easy to identify the assembly position


The numerator is easy to assemble and requires little maintenance. However, GOMG still offers the maintenance and regeneration service of its numerators.


The numerator is supplied including fittings for connecting the pneumatic tubes.


The body of the numerator is made with a coupling seat with two threaded holes for installation on GOMG marking wheels or on supports with press tang.


Further solutions for coupling to other marking machines are possible.


  • Progressive Small Automatic numbering head for marking variable data incrementally
  • Pneumatically operated wheels
  • Customizable number of wheels (minimum 3)
  • Customizable sequence of digits on the wheels
  • Wheels built with high quality steel
  • Wheel thickness 6mm
  • Character height 1-4 mm
  • Optimized GOMG heat treatment. Max hardness 58-61 HRC
  • Wheels with numbers, letters or special characters
  • Wheels coded to facilitate assembly
  • It requires little maintenance.
  • GOMG maintenance service
  • Supplied with fittings for connecting pneumatic tubes
Small Automatic numbering head
Small Automatic numbering head

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