Automated warehouse for cylinders 

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Automated cylinder warehouse
Description and

The automated warehouse for cylinders  is a machine that has the task of automatically accumulating and storing gas cylinders or tubes of various sizes.

The base of the warehouse is a solid and sturdy frame made of profiled iron. The warehouse is customizable, so the length and number of floors are designed based on the required capacity and the space available in the customer’s line.

The width is designed both to contain the largest of the products processed by the customer and to give stability to the structure.

The warehouse is therefore composed of several floors, so two lifts, one for each head of the plant, take care of receiving a cylinder from one floor and taking it to the top or vice versa.

Each lift is equipped with a motorized mechanism to collect, hold and unload the cylinders on the next floor.

The elevators have on both sides of the sliding guides composed of wheels inside the rail and their handling area is closed by protection panels so their ascent and descent is done in safety.

In each floor there is a programmed belt carrying the cylinders which rotates one step at a time.

This structure is made up of a sequence of tubes placed at a fixed distance and connected to three rows of chains.

Its rotation is made by two shafts on which three crowns are connected and through the coupling crown, shaft, gearbox and motor, the entire structure is allowed to rotate by one step.

In the belt programmed for cylinders, being placed between the transversal tubes, the pieces can travel at periodic and uniform intervals of distance, moreover, collisions and the consequent noise pollution caused by the rolling of inclined planes by gravity are avoided.

In each floor of the automatic cylinder warehouse, the organization is FIFO (First In First Out) so the first cylinder that enters is also the first to exit.

The entry and exit of cylinders or tubes in the warehouse are made by two roller conveyors with rubber rollers.

The system can be perfectly integrated into an automatic production line or for cylinder re-testing, or it can be a stand-alone solution.


  • Automated warehouse for cylinders  or tubes
  • Customizable sizes and floors
  • Solid and sturdy frame in profiled iron
  • Two elevators
  • Lift handling areas closed by protections
  • Geared motors for belt rotation and high quality elevators
  • Two roller conveyors, one inlet and one outlet with rubber rollers
  • Organization of FIFO floors
Automated cylinder warehouse
Automated cylinder warehouse

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