Cylinder control station

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Cylinder control station
Description and

The cylinder control station has the task of making it easier for the operator to inspect the  surface of a cylinder or tube, especially when the product to be controlled is very heavy.

This station is motorized and the cylinder rests on pairs of rubber rollers connected to each other by a system consisting of gears and chains. Then the operator pressing a pedal activates the gearmotor which turns the rollers and therefore the cylinder.

Often this unit is inserted after the automatic marking machine where the operator can check at 360 ° whether the marking has been carried out correctly or if, due to the breakage of a punch, this requires manual retouching.

The choice of pedal is obvious, so the operator has his hands free to hand mark, write notes, take photographs or do other routine activities after marking.

The construction is robust and manual marking can be done here without risking damaging it.

This control station is loaded from the side and unloaded from the opposite side.

The rubber rollers of our production, in addition to having a duration equal to those in steel, allow to reduce noise pollution inside the factories.

To do this, the roller conveyor that supports and turns the cylinder is tilting, so thanks to a pneumatic cylinder it can rise to unload the cylinder by gravity on the next station in the line.

The cylinder control station is designed to be universal and can contain all cylinders in the range produced by the customer.

Key points – Cylinder control station

  • Motorized control station for cylinders or tubes
  • Sturdy frame with high quality materials
  • Rotation of the cylinder along its longitudinal axis
  • Pedal to control the rotation so as to leave your hands free
  • High quality rubber rollers that reduce noise pollution inside factories
  • Tilting control roller conveyor for cylinder unloading
  • High quality pneumatic cylinder for cylinder unloading
  • Dimensions optimized for the customer’s production range
Cylinder control station
Cylinder control station

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