Quality control roller conveyor

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quality control roller conveyor
Description and

The quality control roller conveyor is a roller conveyor with rubber rollers with a built-in mechanism for releasing the cylinders or tubes or coils or other products.

The release mechanism is located between the rollers and is a retractable trolley operated by a pair of pneumatic cylinders. When the mechanism rises, it lifts the cylinder (or tubes) until it is released from the rollers.

In the release mechanism, the cylinder lies on wheels and this allows the operator to easily turn the cylinder and control its entire external surface at 360 °.

It is particularly useful in inspection and quality control stations and the rotation can also be motorized to have an automatic unit.

The rubber rollers of our production in addition to having a duration equal to those in steel allow to reduce the noise pollution inside the factories.


  • Quality control roller conveyor with rubber rollers
  • Motorized roller conveyor with release for cylinders, tubes, reels or other products
  • The release carriage has wheels that facilitate the manual rotation of the pieces
  • The ascent and descent of the cylinder release mechanism is done with two pneumatic cylinders of excellent quality
  • High quality rubber rollers that reduce noise pollution inside factories
quality control roller conveyor
Quality control roller conveyor

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