Cylinder marking and hydraulic test line mod. ST

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cylinder marking and hydraulic test
Description and

The Cylinder marking and hydraulic test line mod. ST is a fully automatic line for high-pressure gas cylinders .

Cylinders of dimensions are processed with this system:

  • Diameter 140-406 mm
  • Length 300-2000 mm

The operations done in the cycle are:

  • Empty weighing
  • Filling with water
  • Full weighing
  • Testing with hydraulic test
  • Emptying, washing and drying
  • Marking

Weighing and filling are done by a carousel with 8 stations served by a dedicated manipulator.

The carousel weighs both empty and full and the two data are sent to the marking machine to calculate the volume (the difference between the two data) and mark it.


The test consists of 6 stations and is served by a dedicated 5-axis manipulator. Each station is independent and is equipped with a pressure transducer, pressure gauge and pump.

Cylinders are sealed by automatic screwing. The hydraulic test is done up to 450 Bar.


After testing, the manipulator passes the cylinders to emptying. It too is equipped with a manipulator, but this is 6-axis.

The emptying manipulator turns the bottle 180 degrees and places it in one of the 6 free stations.

Each station is independent and is equipped with a lower support cup and an upper one mounted on a cylinder which has the purpose of blocking the cylinder.

In each station a nozzle is inserted into the cylinder and compressed air is blown to speed up emptying.

Water is then sprayed through the same nozzle to wash the cylinder internally, then the valve is closed and the drying valve opens.

The drying can take place according to the customer’s possibilities with hot air, or better with hot nitrogen or steam.


Cheaper than a similar robot, the manipulator is more compact having a limited reach to the service area and therefore does not require very large protected areas.

It is controlled by a PLC so it does not require the intervention of a programmer specialized in robotics in the event of maintenance or software changes.


In the GOMG cylinder marking and hydraulic test line, all test and emptying cycle times can be adjusted via the supervision and configuration touchscreen panel.


After testing and emptying the cylinder is passed to the marking area. The loading and unloading of the marking machine takes place automatically from roller conveyors with rubber rollers and inclined bench.


The rubber rollers of our production, in addition to having a duration equal to those in steel, allow to reduce noise pollution inside the factories.


The marking machine marks by rolling and automatically marks all the fixed and variable data, thanks to the automatic numbering heads of the marking wheel.

The head can automatically mark the empty weight, the empty weight plus a tare due to the valve and the exact volume of the cylinder, as well as obviously one or more serial numbers.


In the GOMG cylinder marking and hydraulic test line, if the cylinder does not pass the test, it is declared rejected by the system and automatically discharged in a predetermined position.


  • Testing with hydraulic test
  • Cylinders with a diameter of 140-406mm and a length of 300-2000mm
  • Weighing and filling carousel equipped with manipulator
  • Test unit with 6 independent stations with 5-axis manipulator
  • Each station is equipped with a dedicated pump
  • Hydraulic test up to 450 bar
  • Unit for emptying, washing and drying with 6 independent stations and manipulator
  • Cycle times of testing and emptying adjustable via toucschreen panel
  • Transfer roller conveyors with rubber rollers and inclined bench
  • Automatic marking machine that marks both fixed and variable data and in multiple files
  • Fast, clear and deep marking that is not covered by painting
  • Roller conveyors with rubber rollers that solve the problem of noise pollution
  • Defective cylinders automatically discharged in a predetermined position
cylinder marking and hydraulic test
cylinder marking and hydraulic test line

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