Line loading-unloading manipulator

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Line loading-unloading manipulator
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Line loading-unloading manipulator for high-pressure gas cylinder testing line. It can be installed inside the testing line, but it can also be used for other production purposes.

It is a 6-axis manipulator, but if needed, solutions can be studied with fewer movements.

The movements allowed are:

  • extension and return of the arm for the taking
  • opening and closing of the pliers
  • rotation of the pliers
  • rising and lowering of the body
  • rotation of the manipulator body
  • translation from one station to another

The support frame of the manipulator is built in drawn iron and sheets of excellent quality while that onef the body is made with 25mm thick iron sheets to be solid and long lasting.

The pliers are universal: they are therefore designed to grip each cylinder in the range produced by the customer.

Rotations are possible thanks to the presence of excellent quality washers and systems consisting of motor and gearbox with encoder.

The translation is fast and precise and is performed thanks to a system consisting of a worm screw, a ball screw nut and a reducer and motor with encoder.

The line loading-unloading manipulator runs on rails and is held in guide by both a lower and an upper carriage, both with wheels that run on tempered guides. It can therefore carry even the heaviest of the customer’s products and with extended arm, without having resistance problems.

The raising and lowering of the body, the extension of the arm and the closing of the pliers are done with hydraulic cylinders.

The grippers have double hydraulic cylinders which guarantee a strong and safe grip, even with the heaviest of products and of course, also in motion.

Cheaper than a similar robot and is more compact having a limited reach to the service area and therefore does not require very large protected areas.

It is controlled by a PLC so it does not require the intervention of a programmer specialized in robotics in case of maintenance or software changes.


  • 6-axis manipulator
  • Customizable to optimize customer specific production
  • Solid frame made with high quality materials
  • Universal pliers
  • Grippers with double hydraulic cylinders
  • Translation with wagons with wheels on hardened rail.
  • Double translation carriage: lower and upper
  • Rotation with solid, precise and high quality slewing ring bearings
  • GOMG optimized hydraulic cylinders
  • Gearmotors with excellent quality encoders
  • Cheaper, faster and more compact solution than a robot
  • It does not require the intervention of a programmer specialized in robotics in case of maintenance
Line loading-unloading manipulator
Line loading-unloading manipulator 01
Line loading-unloading manipulator
Line loading-unloading manipulator 02
Line loading-unloading manipulator
Line loading-unloading manipulator 03

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