Female embossing dies mod. PF

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Female embossing dies
Description and

The Female embossing dies (mod. PF) for relief marking are metal stamps made with excellent quality steel and hardened.

The punch of this model are female type so the characters are engraved.

Wth the pressure of the press, you will get a raised marking.

The engraving can be made on both sides of the block in ways to have two punch for each stem.

The areas on the sides of the writing are milled to reduce the marking area and therefore decrease the strength necessary for the application.

On the large side of the stem the text of the marking code is engraved and this is very useful to easily identify the punch.

The texts can contain alphanumeric and symbol characters.

It is also possible to make the texts with the OCR-B font.

The size of the characters are based on the customer’s needs.

The material used, a steel of excellent quality, and the type of customized Gomg thermal treatment that we perform is used to decrease the chances of breakages much as possible.

Our female embossing dies for relief marking have been successfully used for many decades by companies that make them an industrial and intensive use for their everyday production.

Thanks to the shape, size and thanks to the depth of our letters it is possible to create writings in clear and permanent relief on metal and other materials.

Synthesis – Female embossing dies

  • Female embossing dies for the marking in relief
  • Metal stamp with engraved characters
  • Metal dies made with excellent quality steel
  • Minimum character height 1 mm
  • The code to mark can be worked on two faces to have double availability.
  • Optimized Gomg thermal treatment.
  • Text with alphanumeric characters and symbols
  • Letters with GOMG or personalized fonts, including the OCR-B font
  • Digits with closed, open and OCR-B font
  • Definition of high precision and quality characters
  • Indicator to easily determine the punch model
Female embossing dies
Female embossing dies 1
Female embossing dies
Female embossing dies 2
Female embossing dies
Female embossing dies 3

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