gas cylinders pneumatic testing line

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Gas cylinders pneumatic testing
Description and

The gas cylinders pneumatic testing pneumatic line for cylinders is an automatic line that performs the following operations:

  • Upload and download
  • milling of the bottom of the cylinders
  • chip discharge
  • pneumatic test

The pneumatic test is an important test, especially for cylinders created from the tube.

The test is performed in the central area of ​​the bottom of the cylinder and is performed on the semi-finished product (on the so-called “glass”), ie before the cylinder is closed with the operation of creating the ogive.

It is also possible to carry out the test on the cylinder already closed, but a different machine is needed, the leakage test.

The pneumatic cylinder test line starts with a programmed belt which, in addition to transporting the cylinders in an orderly manner and without noisy shocks, has the function of accumulation.

The cylinders are picked up from the belt by grippers mounted on an upper gripper carriage.

There are two upper caliper carriages: the first serves the first part and the second serves the last part and together they cover the entire area of ​​the test line. The grippers then load and unload each machine within the aforementioned area and are sized to be able to safely take any cylinder format within the range produced by the customer.

The first operation of the cycle is that of preparation for the pneumatic test: the bottom of the cylinder is internally milled to eliminate the bud of material and slag formed during forging. The GOMG milling machine is designed to mill any format of cylinders within the range produced by the customer. It can mill cylinders up to 2500 mm in length and 406 mm in diameter.

The gripper then transports the cylinder on a tilting roller conveyor where it is raised vertically to drop the shavings produced by the milling by gravity.

Now that the cylinder is milled and cleaned, it is ready for the pneumatic test.

In the line, the number of test stations depends on the productivity requested by the customer, in the case documented by the photos, it was necessary to insert two stations.

The test is carried out up to 300 Bar of pressure and can be semi-automatic or fully automatic.

At the end of the test, the clamp takes the cylinders and unloads them on a programmed output belt.


  • Gas cylinders pneumatic testing for semi-finished high-pressure gas cylinders
  • Complete line of loading and unloading
  • Milling unit for cylinders bottom for cylinders up to 2500 mm in length and 406 mm in diameter
  • Chip and slag unloading unit
  • Pneumatic test unit up to 300 Bar
  • Semi-automatic or fully automatic test
Gas cylinders pneumatic testing

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