Leak and hydraulic test line

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Leak and hydraulic test
Description and

Leak and hydraulic test line for compressed gas cylinders and fire-fighting cylinders.

In summary, the operations performed by the testing line are:

  • Loading and unloading of the test with manipulator
  • Filling with water
  • Weighing of empty and full cylinders
  • Pressure test (hydraulic)
  • Leak test (pneumatic)
  • Emptying and drying

On the line, cylinders of dimensions can be tested:

  • Diameter: 140-406 mm
  • Length: 300-1800 mm

Before the test there is an internal washing station of the cylinder.


The cylinders are brought for testing by a loading line consisting of a programmed belt, roller conveyors with rubber rollers and an inclined loading bed with a pneumatic cylinder alignment pusher.


The testing plant has a compact conformation with a 6-axis loading-unloading manipulator that moves on rail and an automatic machine for dual testing  of gas cylinders with 5 stations where the first 3 perform the hydraulic test and the remaining two perform the leakage test.


The system is dual, but the cylinders can also be performed only one of the tests, excluding the other.


Each station of the hydraulic test area has an upper trolley with three mechanisms, one for filling the cylinder, a scale that weighs the cylinder suspended vertically and a mechanism for putting under pressure and testing. In the cycle there can be two weighing operations: empty and full and the two data can be passed to the marking line to calculate and mark the precise volume of the cylinder. The sealing system is with automatic screwing.


The cylinder is picked up at the inlet by the manipulator and loaded in a free station of the 3 present in the hydraulic test. Each station is independent and has its own pressure transducer and manometer. The pressure test takes place at a pressure up to 450 Bar.


The holding time under pressure is adjustable via the touchscreen panel on the machine of the testing line.


At the end of the cycle, the manipulator picks up the cylinder, rotates it 180 ° and loads it on a free station of the 2 present in the leakage area. The leak test takes place with compressed air at 300 Bar


The leakage test is done with compressed air on the bottom of the cylinder. Unlike the pneumatic test, in this case the cylinder is closed and finished. The test is completely automatic: a hermetic chamber is created externally on the bottom of the cylinder and a special highly sensitive electronic instrument is able to detect the smallest of leaks. Each leakage station is closed by a protective structure in solid grating and plexiglass and has a pneumatic sliding door to allow the passage of the cylinders.


After testing, the manipulator deposits the cylinder vertically in a washing, emptying and drying unit which will then return the cylinder horizontally and overturn it in the roller conveyors that lead to the following stations.



In the automatic line for cylinder testing, if the cylinder does not pass the test it is declared rejected by the system and automatically discharged in a predetermined position.


Leak test and hydraulic test line is equipped with a hydraulic power unit with pressure multipliers and a compressor.


The line can be combined with the GOMG marking machine to compose a complete testing and marking line.


  • Dual testing: hydraulic test and leak test
  • Fully automatic system
  • Automatic loading and unloading with 6-axis GOMG manipulator
  • Hydraulic test with 3 independent stations
  • Leak test with 2 independent stations
  • Hydraulic test up to 450 Bar
  • Leak test up to 300 Bar
  • Sealing system with automatic screwing
  • Touchscreen panel on the machine for supervision and adjustments
  • Programmable cycle times
  • Automatic discharge of defective cylinders
  • Hydraulic power unit with pressure multipliers.
  • Compressor
  • Internal washing unit
  • Emptying and drying unit
  • Possibility of combining the hydraulic test with the GOMG marking unit
Leak and hydraulic test
Leak and hydraulic test 01

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